Saturday, 16 December 2017

On-Land Fish Farm Movement

From Bill Bryden in Atlantic Canada:

Premier Ministers, MHAs, and Respected Others;

Premier, how many examples of the stories below do we need to see before government start the shift to closed containment land based finfish aquaculture? We need not privatize and give away our pristine bays to polluters and disease spreaders for 1/10,000th of what Norway charges with far more constricting environmental regulations than we have in NL. We are LAST again. You can change this.
"Speaking with Undercurrent News on the sidelines of the event, Bjorgo said farms with pancreas disease (PD) still cannot sell into the country. 

“Then, farmers in three counties in Norway – South Trondelag, Nordland and Troms – were suspended from China over claims of suspected ISA [infectious salmon anemia] infected fish in 2015. They still cannot sell.”

According to other sources, Norwegian farmers from other regions are also still having issues selling to China, even if they have no issues with PD or ISA. 

Bjorgo added the next visit by Chinese authorities to Norway won’t happen until next year. 

Merete Kristiansen, sales director of Nordlaks, Norway's largest privately owned salmon farmer, told Undercurrent she was “surprised” by the delays. Nordlaks operates in Nordland, so is totally blocked from selling to China.  " from:

Meanwhile, land based salmon farming continues to grow in China with yet another totally land based facility being built: " Norwegian company Seafood Dragon, owned by Ove Nodland, is set to start building its €72 million ($85 million) land-based facility in Ningbo, outside Shanghai, in Spring 2018. Initially, investors Johannes Neteland and Ove Nodland were planning for a plant with a capacity of 3,000 metric tons a year, they now will produce 6,000mt ..."

 My response is this:

Let me add that my post on the on-land fish farm systems I have found around the world, now exceeds 200 fish farm systems, comprising almost 20,000 actual on-land farms: When is enough enough for governments to realize that on-land is the only way forward for fish farms.

In-ocean is a dying breed because of its environmental damage turning consumers off. With the Florida, Atlantic Sapphire plant coming on stream with a harvest of 90,000 mt, sales to the USA from Canada will dwindle. With the new Seafood Dragon plant in China, Asian sales are in peril. With the oil-platform style with full sewage treatment, and electricity production, off shore, closed, RAS farms can be towed to service any market in the world.

California, Oregon and Alaska forbid fish farms. Washington State is bringing forth legislation to ban fish farms in that state. The aboriginal occupation in BC, is also a potent route for change. In BC, Sooke and Victoria have banned fish farms, and Victoria is carrying forth a motion to the united municipalities in the new year for all BC cities to nix in-ocean fish farms. Tortel in Chile has done the same. Finland does not allow fish farms, and Denmark has 50% of its industry on land.

Marine Harvest is putting $100 million into closed containment, Cermaq has the slightly shakier ‘flexifarm’ and Norway is now only entertaining new closed technology for in-ocean, while leaving on land licences at zero.

It is time to close the door on in-ocean degradation.

Friday, 15 December 2017

The Law on Blood Water Discharge

You would think that with 90% of farmed fish having PRV and other possible pathogens that fish farms and processing centres should be banned from shedding them into the ocean. They should be prevented from doing so, another reason for being on land.

West Coast Environmental Law has done a post that examines the provincial and federal laws in BC. See:

There are plenty of links in this one to take you directly to the laws, so take advantage of this one for your records, when fish farms trot out their we are clean and healthy spin. Say, not so fast slim, there are many problems with the law and you are gushing feces, food waste, pathogens, lice, pieces of rotting fish and so on, because the laws are deficient.

So, what is the case under the Fisheries Act? This: "The federal Fisheries Act prohibits unauthorized deposits of blood and other biological substances into the water (which likely qualify as "deleterious substances" under the Act), except when they come from fish farms directly. Under the Aquaculture Activities Regulation, fish farms can deposit fish blood and other matter (such as fish feed and feces) directly into the sea,"

On pathogens like PRV and its disease HSMI, WCEL says: "Both fish farms and fish processing facilities must monitor fish and fish blood for disease. So why is it legal to discharge bloodwater that contains PRV, despite the fact that it has been linked to HSMI?

Although discarding diseased fish parts into the water is prohibited under the federal Health of Animals Act and its regulations, PRV and HSMI are not listed as reportable diseases under the Act. So it appears that under the current regulations, it is legal to discharge fish processing water that contains instances of this virus."

And under the provincial rules? This:  "Though the [provincial] permit does not name the procedures that the company should follow, the practice captured in Tavish’s footage [the blood water video] may violate the 1975 non-legally binding Fish Processing Operations Liquid Effluent Guidelines, which restrict the discharge of bloodwater and require treatment of contaminated process water."

And, the current case on DFO needing to prevent PRV getting into the water when smolts are transferred in, or growing with PRV: "Scientist Alexandra Morton and Ecojustice are in court with the federal government arguing that the government has been acting illegally by issuing licences allowing the transfer of farmed salmon without testing for the virus."

And, Horgan started an investigation into BCMAL, the disease testing lab in BC: "A month ago the BC government launched a review of the Province’s animal testing laboratory which conducts diagnostic testing on farmed salmon."

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Fin Donnelly Poll to Get Fish Farms Out of the Ocean

This post is self explanatory. Please help Fin fund his survey.


Please use my donation for the survey, not into general revenue.

You would like to know that I have found 200 on-land fish farm systems, comprising 20,000 actual on-land fish farms around the world. Tell LeBlanc et al that in-ocean is a dying breed. Norway is fed up with Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood and stopped issuing in-ocean licences in 2014. Now it gives out on-land licences for free, a $9- to $12-million subsidy based on the former auction price. Let’s do the same.

Alaska, Oregon and California forbid fish farms. After the Cooke spill in Washington, legislation to achiive the same has been brought in. In BC, Sooke and Victoria have refused to have fish farms.

Atlantic Sapphire coming on stream in Florida USA, at 150,000mt will likely destroy the Canadian industry, for transportion cost reasons and consumer preference. Hasta la Vista Norwegian-style destroyers of world oceans.

If you ever want to talk with me on this subject, let me know. I doubt there are many people who know more about the global fish farm industry than I do.

Oh, and tell LeBlanc/Trudeau that they should put a fish farm in the Rideau Canal beside the Parliament Buildings, and a mega-farm of 2 million in the Ottawa River below and see how long it is before they hate fish farms, too.

DC Reid

From: Fin Donnelly, MP []
Sent: December 14, 2017 12:38 PM
To: Dennis C. Reid <

Subject: Wild salmon poll
Dear Dennis C.,
Momentum to #SaveWildSalmon is growing as activists from coast to coast are demanding the removal of open net salmon farms from our oceans.

The Washington State salmon farm escapes, the W5 expose, the ‘Blood Pipe’ video, and the occupation of two open net salmon farms in the Broughton Archipelago has increased public awareness and has definitely helped our campaign to #SaveWildSalmon

In 2018, we need to keep the pressure on - and with your help, we can do just that!  I plan to raise $5,000 to conduct a wild salmon poll in key Liberal MP ridings to raise awareness on this important issue.

Please help turn this plan into action by making a tax receiptable contribution today.

This year I continued to call on the Federal government to transition harmful open net salmon farms to safe closed containment. With each question I asked the Minister, the more public awareness grew. They are feeling the pressure and are more open to taking meaningful action.

Please make donation today to  help us fund our wild salmon poll. Donations up to $400 are tax receiptable by 75% and you will receive your credit in a few short months.

Together, we can help secure a healthy future for wild salmon and the people who depend on them.


Fin Donnelly
Member of Parliament
Port Moody-Coquitlam
(Anmore and Belcarra)
New Democrat Critic for Fisheries, Oceans and Canadian Coast Guard

PS - If you would like to contribute by cheque, please make the cheque payable to the Port Moody Coquitlam NDP and the address is:

Port Moody-Coquitlam NDP
c/o Anne Ladouceur
1901-400 Capilano Road
Port Moody, BC V3H 0E1
Fin Donnelly, MP for Port Moody-Coquitlam · Canada

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